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Rotary Screw Compressors

Rotary Screw -vs- Reciprocal (Piston) Compressors: the gas compression process of a rotary screw is a continuous sweeping motion, so there is very little pulsation or surging of flow, as occurs with piston compressors. This also allows screw compressors to be significantly quieter and produce much less vibration than piston compressors, even at large sizes, and produces some benefits in efficiency.

Shown below are rotary screw (RS) compressors from 5 Horsepower (HP) to 20HP.  However -- solely for the sake of brevity -- we have ONLY included the model #'s, variants, and pricing for one of our brands ... Bel Aire.  We also offer ABAC, Quincy, and Chicago Pneumatic RS compressors which we can/will quote based on either your specifications - OR - a comparable model to the one of the Bel Aire compressors listed below.     

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