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Blast Booths

Merchant 1 Manufacturing’s blast booths are constructed with the same materials as our booths with a few notable differences due to the primary function of the booth – abrasive blasting as opposed to coating application.  The blast booth is basically a human-size blast cabinet and as such requires equipment and considerations much different than paint or spray booths.  Listed below are a few of the major booth component modifications and operational considerations with regard to blast booths:

M1M modifications:

  • Booth (sub) components: metal Louvers as opposed to fiberglass filtration.
  • Potentially different air flow in booth - depending on media and blasted item(s).  

Operational considerations:

  • Rubberized interior lining to mitigate metal fatigue from blasting. 
  • Dust Collection: Result of media breaking down and surface material removed.
  • Media Reclamation: Manual or Automated process of capturing & recycling media.
    • Collecting and filtering of used or “spent” media (in booth).
    • Re-use / re-supply of media to source.
    • Integration of blast hose from source (pressure pot) to inside of booth.
  • Personnel safety: Blasting PPE, air supply, and sufficient air flow/exhausting.  

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