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Paint Booths

Merchant 1 offers US-made paint booths built in Reidsville, NC.  Shown below are the most common sizes - but we can custom build to fit your shop's footprint.  The normal production (lead) time is 4 -6 weeks, but should you prefer a more immediate solution - we also offer prefabricated booth kits that will ship within 2-3 days of payment.  All of our standard booths are shown below -or- you can view/search by type or configuration using the links listed above or to the left under Paint Booths.  Furthermore, our prefabricated booths (by iDeal) are also available on our 'sister' site

For Your Information (FYI)

New to the paint booths .... see attachment below for a high-level overview of paint booths as well as insight on some of the most common and basic considerations and/or question to ask when you are considering purchasing any paint booth. 

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