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Industrial and Automotive Equipment Sales and Marketing

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M1M Equipment welcomes you to our site which offers automotive/ industrial equipment. By stressing in our name that we are first “merchants” gives you the understanding that we want to provide you outstanding value from our low prices and free shipping on all products. This value is reflected in our quality and positive customer service. Value also comes to you our customers, by the ease of shopping our websites, technical support and by knowing up front the price you pay for your product. Merchant 1 Marketing LLC, which owns the business, has extensive experience in internet retailing and has in the past provided to a large customer base the same value that M1M Equipment will give you.

Thank You and Merchant 1 Marketing Appreciates Your Business!!


If you are new to paint booths and are feeling a bit overwhelmed, then just  download Paint Booths 101 and review. It was designed/developed by Merchant 1 with you in mind and with the goal of providing an overview/synopsis in a single document that would assist in the decision process, allow you to better visualize the end product, identify potential pitfalls, and give you a basic understanding of the terms and "language" of the industry.


If you do not have the luxury of time or would simply prefer a prefabricated, powder coated booth then visit our 'sister' site for a selection of booths that are ready for immediate shipment.  


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