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Paint Stands

Lift King Paint Stands

      • From the simple to the extreme Lift King has a paint stand for it.
      • Common Panel and Fender (Paint) Stands.
      • Deluxe Stand w/universal design and use IN or OUT of the booth.
        • Heavy design for stability and durability.
        • Adjustable from 5’-7’ w/multiple hooking points / angles.
        • Swivel brake caster for mobility and control.  
      • Ideal for trim, hoods, doors, fenders, bumpers, and lift/tail gates.
      • Extreme Stand is adjustable to fit all types of panels.
        • Telescopic height adjustment.
        • 360 rotation with locking positions every inch.
        • Collapses with pull of 1 pin – space-saving wall-mount (if desired)
      • Designed for versatility and hard to hang or odd-shaped parts.

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