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Get to Know M1M Equipment

Merchant 1 Marketing, LLC is the owner of this website and with pleasure presents it to you for great value and service. Our company M1M was started June 17, 2009 in Greensboro, NC by Buddy Turner an experienced executive in the automotive / industrial equipment business with extensive experience in internet sales beginning in 1997 and through over 20+ sites and catalogs. This experience made for the premise that customers want outstanding service with completive value. Our low prices, large product offerings and what we feel is one of most important values “Free Shipping”. Experience has proven that the free shipping provides the customers immediate comparison of pricing with that of other suppliers. This value is especially important in this modern day way of marketing via internet, sales platforms such as EBay, Amazon, Sears and direct purchase through websites. We market in all these areas but more importantly provide the technical knowledge through an experience call center staff that has many years’ experience selling our products. They provide exemplary customer service so you can feel confident that you will get the value you wanted or be reimbursed your money when not satisfied. Our commitment of satisfaction to you the customer ultimately means success to our business

M1M is a strong sales and marketing company. We offer this service to other companies who want to introduce their products. We currently market the best quality price paint booths available. At one time we owned the manufacturer of the booths but sold to our experience operating manager CB Lawrence who had personally been involved in building 1000’s of automotive /industrial booths. We also operate through this manufacturing relationship a warehousing service for importers and foreign manufacturers who need timely distribution of their product within the USA. Our marketing company also provides sales and service to these warehousing customers using the same marketing sales we use with our products. Because of our marketing, sales, manufacturing, and large facilities we present a very important organization for many suppliers who benefit greatly because of offerings to them.

Our sales team consists of extensive experience in selling automotive/industrial equipment. Meet our team:

  • Kohn Sherill brings many years in sales, specializing in textile & large industrial equipment. Kohn handles all our EBay auctions and customer responses through EBay
  • Mark Satterfield has over 30 + years in primarily body shop equipment especially frame machines. He is the National Sales Manager for Allvis measuring system. Mark provides onsite training for frame measuring and general use of the Allvis measuring systems
  • Andy Turner has 15+ years in paint booths, but most importantly a broad knowledge in car lifts, tire equipment and parts to support these systems. Andy has broad knowledge of National account sales within the automotive industries.
  • CB Lawrence has 30+ years all stages of manufacturing of paint booths, frame machines, pulling posts, anchor pots, welding booths, etc. He is also involved in sales of this equipment and is responsible for our warehousing services. CB is the owner of all the manufacturing and warehousing operations
  • Buddy Turner is very active in the sales, marketing and operations of Merchant 1 Marketing LLC. He has been in the automotive aftermarket since the 60’s running automotive stores, warehouses, manufacturing, rebuilding, catalog and internet marketing companies. His experience provides a desire to produce a true positive experience for all the customers who do business with M1M.
  • Our Staff to support M1M, is very knowledgable and efficient in website development, platform content and general back office functions necessary to have an effective business. They are extremely important to the completion of the business cycle of Merchant 1 Marketing, LLC

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