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Measuring: Need for Speed!

Collision Repair Facilities need to accurately measure vehicles before the repair begins and after they are completed as well as print out the results and save the document for future reference. The problem is that many of the systems on the market that offer this capability are very expensive, complicated and time consuming. The Allvis AVS-310 Measuring System solves all of these problems in one package. The Allvis System offers simple, Tech friendly measuring with before and after repair report print out capability and saves work orders to your computer for future reference. The Allvis System does all of this a price that the smaller shops can afford and is attractive to the larger shops because of speed (verify damaged frame in one minuet), accuracy and the fact that the Techs will actually use the system, not avoid it.
The Allvis Systems are very practical, Tech friendly systems at a price that everyone can live with and can be operated by all Techs regardless of experience.

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