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TL-12 4-Wheel Alignment System

TL-12 4-Wheel Alignment System

$ 5,975.00


*Alignment from a Kia to a Kenworth with one system
*optional adapters needed

TL-12……Wheel Alignment that Works!

100% US-Made Car & Light Truck Wheel Alignment System

Alignment service for a wide range of vehicles (cars to RVs) with one machine -- that is what a Tru-Line Laser Wheel Alignment System will bring to your shop. Tru-Line’s TL-12 keeps it simple…no maintenance contracts, software upgrades, or technicians to call for service and calibration.  Our system is portable, compact and not sexy - no bells no whistles - it simply works.


Attributes of TL-12 Wheel Alignment System

  1. Handles / Adapts to a wide variety of vehicle types (Cars – RV’s)
  2. Accuracy (up to 1/64"), simple, reliable and durable.
  3. Portable & Compact - weights less than 100 pounds.
  4. Reliable results, simple operation, and manual calibration in seconds.
  5. Runs on two D-cell batteries, w/o the use of cables or computers.
  6. Does not require rack, dedicated bay, or level surface.
  7. Measure toe, camber, caster, SAI, 2-wheel, thrust line & steering-axis inclination.
  8. No software upgrades or long-term maintenance / technical support reqmts.
  9. Calibrates in seconds w/results in 20 minutes – Caster, camber, live caster, SAI/KPI
  10. 2-Wheel centerline, Thrust angle, & full 4-Wheel        Configuration
  11. Training video and instruction manual.
  12. Covered with a 2-year warranty.


 Features of TL-12 Deluxe Wheel Alignment System

Front Toe Laser Guns

Rear Toe Combination Gauges

Caster/Camber gauge

Calibration Bar

 4 Wheel clamps for rims up to 19.5″

Steering Wheel Holder

Brake Pedal Depressor

Shipping Weight: 140 Lbs

TL-12 DOES NOT include: Turntables, Slip Plates, or Front & Rear Stands.  However, these items do come standard with the TL-12 Deluxe. 




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