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TLT-12 Truck, Bus, RV & Trailer Laser Wheel Alignment System

TLT-12 Truck, Bus, RV & Trailer Laser Wheel Alignment System

$ 5,975.00

Heavy Duty Truck & Trailer Wheel Alignment System (TLT-12)

Keeping trucks and trailers in alignment equal money to the bottom line, extend the life all of the tires on a rig, save fuel increase profits!

The TLT-12 Heavy Truck and trailer system is completely portable, simple to use and fast. No matter if your fleet configuration.

Completely take to system to where the truck, trailer, crane, bus, RV, etc and do the alignment instead of sending it out waiting for a bay etc.. Get the Job done and done well is what the TLT-12 Heavy Truck and Trailer System with give you and your team!

100% USA Made with proven decades of operation.

Product Description

TLT-12 What can it do?

  • Toe Individual and Total
  • Caster, Camber, Live Caster, SAI/KPI
  • Thrust Angle, Rear Steer
  • 2 Wheel Center Line
  • Tracking of all axles
  • Trailer tracking center line
  • Accurate to 1/64th”
  • Calibration in the field in about 3 minutes
  • Not cables to trip over runs on D Cell Batteries
  • No dedicated bay or location required
  • Durable and proven decades of use!


TLT-12 Heavy Truck and Trailer Includes:

  • Front Toe Laser Guns
  • Rear Targeting
  • King Pin Targeting
  • Calibration Laser
  • Calibration Bar
  • Caster Camber Gauge
  • Digital Level for Caster on Solid Steer Axles
  • Level Compensator, used in non level surfaces
  • 2 Wheel/Rim Clamps 17-25”
  • Steering Wheel Holder
  • Brake Pedal Depressor
  • Training Video and Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty
Note: Turntables are required for anything with independent suspensions. Grease Plates or some form of a slip plate is required for smooth adjustments.

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