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RS-1001 Rammstein AMU/Heater

RS-1001 Rammstein AMU/Heater

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Rammstein State-of-the-Art in Air Make-Up Unit (AMU) Technology.

Traditional AMU units were either adopted from the HVAC (heating, ventilation & air-conditioning) industry decades ago or were brought over from Europe. Rammstein was designed from scratch specifically for the North American finishing industry with a focus on energy savings.


1. Direct vs Indirect-Fired: With direct-fired, all of the heat stays in the air stream while most internationally-made spray booths use indirect-fired AMUs, that utilize a heat exchanger with 15% to 20% of the heat escaping up its chimney. With other direct-fired AMU units, the air speed across the burner needs to be constant for a clean and efficient burn. Rammstein uses a separate source for combustion air so that the airflow can be safely varied to suit the desired mode, whether that be spray, cure or prep. Additional time and energy savings are realized as direct-fired units heat up much faster than indirect.

2. Recirculation vs 100 % Fresh Air: In the cure cycle NFPA allows recirculation of at least 80% of the exhaust air for substantial energy savings. Some other AMUs will be “dual air / dual temp” meaning that they’ll choke the airflow in the cure mode by 50% to double the temperature rise, while the blower motor runs at full speed and all air and heat is exhausted. Rammstein recirculates the air in the cure mode and reduces the blower motor speed to vary the air flow.

3. Automatic Prep Mode: Then the painter stops painting, the Rammstein system detects the lack of airflow to the spray gun and, after a short time delay, reduces the booth’s airflow by 50% or more, for substantial energy savings. When the painter starts spraying again, the system instantly returns to spray mode, or can be put into cure mode.

4. California Pulse: For even more energy savings, Rammstein can be combined with the unique drying power of California Pulse drying system for waterborne paints. Pulsing air discharged from corner mounted nozzles creates maximum turbulence for the fastest drying, resulting in even more energy and time savings.


Rammstein  Features and Benefits:

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) on BOTH intake and exhaust fans for variable air flow, smoother transitions between modes, and lower power consumption
  • Direct-fired burner ensures that almost all of the heat produced goes into the booth
  • Recirculation in the Cure Cycle heats up faster, with 100% air flow and fuel savings
  • Separate Combustion Air Source for the burner allows for variable air flow
  • Automatic Prep Mode, (optional) automatically puts the booth into an energy savings mode after the painter stops painting
  • Flash Mode (optional) is similar to the cure mode with adjustable temperature and time settings
  • Automatic Pressure Balancing (optional) means your booth is always balanced even as the filters load up
  • The AMU can be mounted vertically beside or behind the booth, or above the booth or on the building roof for maximum flexibility and minimum footprint
  • A very high burner turn-down ratio of 50:1 allows you to heat your booth in  warmer weather without overshooting your target temperature

Rammstein Air manufactures ETL listed direct fired heaters from 4,000cfm to 55,000cfm capacity.  Rammstein Air can build all heating system configurations:


Single Phase Motor (+$1000)
Horizontal Configuration 
Vertical Configuration
Re-Circulating (in process air modes)
Prep Mode
Flash Mode
Multi-Booth Controls 
1395 Lbs 
96' Long
54' High
62" Wide


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