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Eliminator Deluxe Decal Remover Kit -  DF700DX

Eliminator Deluxe Decal Remover Kit - DF700DX

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Product Description

If you don’t have need one!

This tool is so effective you will wonder what you ever did without it. With the Coarse brush, undercoating and seam sealer are stripped away easily and cleanly, right down to the bare metal. The Brushes do not clog up - remove rust and scale with the Medium brush, whereas the fine brush is perfect for getting paint out of tight spaces. The geared Decal Eraser will strip a 2' by 2' decal in less than 2 minutes with no paint burn. The eraser is also ideal for removing the adhesive backing on moldings and badges. This in-line version of the tool carries a year warranty and our guarantee of complete satisfaction.

The Deluxe Kit includes:
  • Decal eraser for water based paint
  • Regular decal eraser
  • Six (6) fiber discs
  • Single and a double fiber disk holder
  • One (1) course and one (1) fine 23mm brush.
  • Newest 11mm course and fine brushes with holder.
  • All organized in a blow molded case.

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