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DF-900DX - Dent Fix  Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station-Ford Approved

DF-900DX - Dent Fix Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station-Ford Approved

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Product Description
DF-900DX: Everything you need for aluminum repair. Repair rates are up to 3x that of steel. Lockable system keeps tools organized, clean and safe. This Deluxe version includes a bridge puller, 3rd drawer and dust cover.

The most complete aluminum repair station “from a name you know and trust” is FORD APPROVED!

” I mean it is very simple to use, its not Rocket Science. I am repairing aluminum panels that I would have just thrown away.

The idea here is that you have everything you need for aluminum repair, within easy reach in a self-contained system. The tools lock away so they do not wander the shop and become contaminated with steel particles.

As you probably know aluminum panel repair is a different process than that for steel panels. Aluminum is a softer material it stretches easily. That is why it is alloyed with magnesium or silicon in cosmetic panels. We include two different alloys of stud pin for bonding with the various panels.

Aluminum is also work hardened; meaning when it is stamped into shape it becomes stronger. When the panel is bent in a collision it becomes stronger still. Flex it too much and it breaks or cracks.

Sometimes in order to relieve this over-hardening and be able to pull the damaged area needs to be heated the allow the metal to release. The panel must always be heated to about 400 degrees while under pull in order for the panel to set in new position. Hence the inclusion of an infrared thermometer and digital temperature set heat gun to heat the panel. A self-locking squeeze puller makes it easier to pull and heat at the same time. This squeeze puller can pull on one or several pins. For heavier pulls a leverage puller and for lighter finesse pulls a single pin hand puller are included.

Put steel particles into the aluminum panel and you will start the electrolytic process of galvanic corrosion. The aluminum will corrode around the steel contamination ruining the paint on your finished jobs. In order to avoid this a separate set of working tools must be maintained. That is why we have included a separate set of hammers, dollies, and nylon shaping tools, body file, and an Air drive for 3M Roloc discs. Again the tools lock away in the rolling tool station, also included.

Aluminum forms a thin coating of aluminum oxide after being exposed to the air in a little as an hour. This oxidization has a much higher melting temperature than the original aluminum material. We have included a stainless steel brush for last minute cleaning.

The capacitor discharge welder is 110 volt powered. Re-charge time for the capacitors is less than 3 seconds. The ground is on the weld gun itself. This leads to a more successful weld due to the close location. The fact that we have two ground points on either side of the weld gun also leads to a more successful weld rate. And of course when working on a roof or the middle of a hood having to attach separate ground leads can cause extra and unnecessary refinish time.

Everything you need is included:
Hammers, nylon & polished steel dollies, infrared temp gauge, digital heat gun, instructional CD and storage cart and 110 volt Alu-Spot welder. The DF-900DX includes everthing found in the DF-900A but also includes a bridge puller, 3rd drawer and dust cover.

Each DF-900DX includes:
•Inline pneumatic paint remover + stainless steel brush
•Stainless-steel shoe handle brush
•Stainless-steel tooth brush
•Digital set temperature heat gun
•Infrared temperature gauge
•Capacitor discharge welder (electrostatic type) utilizing a self-contained, weld gun with ground
•Alu-Magnesium & Alu-Silicon stud pins
•Hand T-puller
•Squeeze puller
•Lever puller
•Bridge puller
•Body file + 350mm blade
•Pick/finishing hammer
•Curved pein/finishing hammer
•Reverse-curve hammer
•22mm soft face hammer
•35mm dead blow hammer
•Bolster-head nylon chisel
•Round-head nylon chisel
•Double end nylon dolly
•Utility dolly
•Double-end dolly
•Thin-toe dolly
•Heel dolly
•Curved dolly
•Extra storage 3rd drawer
•Dust cover

Replacement Stud Pins
DF-900PS – 500 pc
DF-900PS/250 – 250 pc

DF-900PM – 500 pc
DF-900PM/250 – 250 pc

Capacitor Discharge Welder – 5 Year Warranty

Components – 1 Year Warranty

Infrared Temperature Gauge / Digital Temp Heat Gun – 90 day warranty per manufacturers guidelines


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