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WB-CB66-VE (LB66-V) Wheel Balancer

WB-CB66-VE (LB66-V) Wheel Balancer

$ 1,600.00

The WB-CB66-VE (LB66-V) wheel balancer is a highly accurate and reliable wheel balancing system designed to accommodate large rims up to 28" in diameter and overall wheel diameters up to 44". A 40mm balancing shaft provides incredible durability, while the laser and light feature illuminates the inside of the wheel at the unbalanced weight position, for convenient and precise wheel weight applications. The CB66-VE also comes standard Multi-Mode Balancing options, along with Power Saving Mode, while allowing the user to choose between 5 standard and 2 ALU Smart balancing configurations. A high-performance balancer at an unbeatable value!

 Offloading of the delivery truck is the responsibility of customer.

 Residential delivery is an additional $100 charge by the freight carrier.


  • Model Number WB-CB66-VE (LB66-V)
    Max Wheel Diameter 44"
    Max Wheel Width 1.5" - 20"
    Rim Diameter 8" - 28"
    Rim Width 1.5"-20"
    Max Wheel Weight 150lbs
    Accuracy +/- 1 gram
    Power Requirements 110 VAC / 60Hz

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