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FR-20-T 20' Frametech Frame Machine w/ Tool Board

FR-20-T 20' Frametech Frame Machine w/ Tool Board

$ 9,999.00

FR-20-T Frame Machine - Free Freight- Financing Available

Receive TBK-25 25 Piece Tool Board with Purchase

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This model comes in a 20' in length (FR-20) frame machine. The FR-20 tilt bed frame rack is a high quality, durable frame straightening machine designed to accommodate full-frame or uni-body vehicle with 7,7000 lb. lighting capacity. The two 10-ton "clear floor" pulling towers with 360 degree pulling capability and almost unlimited height and angle adjustment. The machine deck offers multiple precision cut tie-down/down pull locations with a universal anchoring system with adjustable height clamping assemblies.The FR-20 also comes standard with a pulling chain on each tower, roof/up pull attachment, universal wheel stands & dead car dollies.


  • Tube Steel Design
  • Tilt Bed
  • Clear Floor
  • 360 degree pulling capability with universal anchoring.
  • Designed to repair full-frame or uni-body vehicles
  • Hydraulic tilt bed with 7,7000 lb. lifting capacity
  • Durable, heavy-duty constructions with powder coat finish
  • Universal anchoring system with adjustable height pinchweld assemblies
  • Clear Floor, 360 degree pulling capability
  • Multiple tie-down/down pull locations
  • 2 10-ton 360 degree round pulling towers
  • Adjustable tower collars-adjust pulling height/angle by a fraction on an inch.
  • Quick disconnect hydraulic fitting & hose connection
  • Drive-on ramps


  • 20' (FR-20-T) frame machine bed available
  • (4) Pinchweld assemblies with clamps
  • (2) 360 degree "clear floor" pulling towers w/10 ton hydraulics
  • (2) Air/Hydraulic pumps with pressure gauge
  • (3) 10 ton hydraulic rams
  • (2) Pull chains with hooks
  • (2) Wheel stands
  • (2) Dead car dolly
  • (1) Roof/up pull attachment

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