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Merchant 1 Marketing was founded on the basis of a modern (internet-based) business model. This model was developed by the current principal of M1M in 1999.  The premise of the model was to develop 'niche' websites that were very specific to products sold and marketed to automotive and industrial markets. Sources of the products came from wholesalers and manufacturers and distribution centers across the U.S.  These suppliers carry the inventory and ship the product upon receipt of an order.  This allows for Merchant 1 Marketing to reduce it's margin due to lower investment and pass that on to our customers.

Free Shipping and More

Another important aspect was the "free shipping" of our products. What this means is that as customers you are able to see immediately your ('bottom-line') cost and negates the risk of inflated shipping cost which are often used to off-set low advertised prices. The marketing aspect of our company involves working directly with manufacturers and suppliers to provide a sales/marketing channel for their product(s) via the internet (www).  This involves the use of Google AdWords to develop internet demand by driving relevant customers to our site and their products.  Additionally, we operate an internet (E-bay) store providing a stronger web presence thru multiple channels.


Manufacturing Products

The manufacturing portion of our business came from the need to provide a more reliable supply of primarily automotive and industrial paint spray booths.  The manufacturing organization was born out of the necessity to provide our customers and the marketing company with extremely competitive paint booths.  The nature of our booths required the ability to be highly price competitive and to customize booths to fit specific customer needs. Merchant 1 Manufacturing also produces powder coating booths, specialized containment units for the industrial applications (furniture, tools, etc..).

Containment Booths

Most recently we have added media blasting containment booths to our family of automotive and industrial paint booths. This is a growing market that needs low cost units especially for the soft media blasting which is becoming very popular.

The manufacturing operation is headed up by C.B. Lawrence who has extensive design and manufacturing experience in paint and media booths - over 2 decades of manufacturing booths to include 100's of standard and custom-designed booths.

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