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As every collision repair tech knows, you must restore the customers vehicle to factory specifications and to do so you need some type of measuring system and database.  Many of the old school techs will tell you that a tram and measuring tape are all they need which is true to a certain degree, you cannot measure datum with this method.  Lets say the tech does a perfect job of repairing the vehicle exactly to factory specs using a tram and tape which offers no documentation. The vehicle hits a drainage tile and damages the frame slightly with no visible body damage.  This customer could come back on the shop that had repaired their collision damage and claim that the repair was not done correctly.  this repairer would not have before and after repair documentation to prove ghat the vehicle was right when it left their shop.  

Not every shop wants or needs a $35000 measuring system, many need a system that is accurate, tech friendly and affordable and will save work-orders and provide print outs for customers, insurance companies and to protect the shop.  There are a variety of systems that offer vehicle specifications as well as pre and post accident documentation with prices starting as low as $2,799 depending on the specific needs of each shop. 

M1M equipment offers a complete line of Computerized Measuring Systems with before and after print out that will meet the needs and budget of every shop.  Call us today for more information.   

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