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Introducing the FrameTech-Vega Computerized Measuring System

Measuring Systems

We are excited to introduce the FrameTech-VEGA Measuring System to our lineup. The FrameTech-VEGA is a unique system that is based on Machine Vision Technology, is very affordable, accurate, quick setup and easy to use and can be used on the rack, bench floor system or lift.  Print before and after repair reports and save work orders as e-files for future reference.  The FrameTech-VEGA has the capability to measure all points front and rear in one operation without the need to re-calibrate.  There are no targets to hang, simply touch the measuring probe to the desired point, aim the cameras indexing base in the general the direction of the target and shoot using a hand held remote, 3-D values for each point are transferred to the computer.  All points on the vehicle can be measured and verified on a single chart.  The FrameTech-VEGA will allow you to measure and add points that are not given as factory measuring points.

FrameTech-Vega Measuring System video:

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