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Power Probe IV Diagnostic Circuit Tester - PPRPPIV

Power Probe IV Diagnostic Circuit Tester - PPRPPIV

$ 188.00


Features and Benefits

  • Large Multi-Line Color LCD Screen (60% larger than the PPIII)
  • Water and dust resistant with loud indicator tones
  • Measure DC, AC, and Frequency (HZ)
  • Test resistance on live and unloaded circuits
  • Fuel Injector Tester Mode

The Power Probe IV provides the ability to supply battery ground and power with 9 diagnostic testing modes to provide Automotive Technicians with detailed information on the circuits and signals being tested.  The PPIV will test for A/C volts RMS, volts P-P, resistance, hertz, frequency, pulse width (negative and positive), verifies fuel injector driver conditions, supplies computer safe voltage for testing module drivers (transistors), and work as a circuit tracer with the ECT2000 (not included).


  • Test millivolts for parasitic draws, charging system connectors, starting systems, sensors, modules and much more
  • Test for good source ground and power feeds
  • Test pulse width in fuel injectors and ignition modules
  • Test frequency (HZ) of regulators, injectors, motors, and sensors
  • Measure the resistance of alternators, regulators, switches, solenoids, interlocks, sensor wiring, fuel pumps, and much more
  • Measure DC and AC Voltage on diodes, sensors, modules, motors, relays, fuses, actuators, rectifiers, and many more

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