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Dannmar D-7 4 Post Lift - Free Shipping

Dannmar D-7 4 Post Lift - Free Shipping

$ 2,519.00


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3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty 

The Commander 7000 Four-Post Lift is one of the most popular in the Dannmar line. The reason is quite simple; it fits perfectly in a home garage or shop. It's typically used for parking or storage because it provides the ability to stack two cars in one spot. This auto lift has also gained a solid reputation with hobbyist and car collectors, as well as the DIY aftermarket. ALI Certified.

From valet parking to towing, storage and impound yards, to home owners, the Commander 7000 is the premiere four-post lift choice. If you're looking for a four-post lift with the same capacity but a bit wider, check out the Commander 7000X.

  • D-7 Four Post Lift
  • Four Post Lifts D-7 Pump Assembly
  • Dannmar D-7 Safety Release Assembly


The Commander is equipped with multiple height locking positions for parking convenience. A pull-lever safety lock control releases all four independent safety locks simultaneously, ensuring even weight distribution while lowering. Each lift is covered with a durable powder coat finish that protects your lift- giving it a high quality, durable finish that can withstand harsh weather and chemicals.

What sets the Commander apart?

• Power Unit Made in USA
• Visible Locking system for added security
• Runways constructed of solid plate steel
• Runways coated with the best nonskid textured surface available
• Two-hose hydraulic system eliminates leaks


  • Simple controls for easy operation
  • Spring loaded safety locks on each column
  • Self-lubricating UHMW polyethylene internal slide blocks
  • Single safety lock release handle
  • Single hydraulic cylinder underneath runway
  • Reliable electric/hydraulic power system
  • Detachable drive-up ramps
  • Free standing design
  • Self-lubricating bearings and cable sleeves
  • Runways include rail-kit for optional accessories
  • 7000 Kit(+$335) includes Jack Tray, Drip Trays, Aluminum Ramps, Caster Kit


  • Lifting Capacity: 7,000 lbs. / 3182 kg.
  • Overall Width: 105" / 2667 mm.
  • Outside Length: 170-1/2" / 4331 mm.
  • Overall Length: 203-1/2" / 5169 mm.
  • Height Columns: 82" / 2083 mm.
  • Minimum Runway Height: 4-1/2" / 114 mm.
  • Maximum Rise: 68" / 1791 mm.
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 72.5" / 1841 mm.
  • Width Between Columns: 92-1/2" / 2350 mm.
  • Runway Width: 18-1/2" / 470 mm.
  • Width Between Runways: 37-1/2" / 953 mm.
  • Length of Runways: 160-1/2" / 4077 mm.
  • Locking Positions: 10
  • Lock Spacing: Every 4-1/2"
  • Lifting Time: 45 Seconds
  • Standard Motor: 110 VAC 60Hz. 1Ph

Tru™ Non-Skid Runway Grip
This special process of coating every one of our new line of lifts in a very unique sandpaper finish, is applied to the runways and the ramps. It makes even the greasiest of situations into a real gripping experience.

 Non-Skid Runway Grip Commander 7000 4-Post Car Lift

USA Made Power Unit
Why is Dannmar 1 step ahead of the competition? Our power units are made in the USA. Meaning they're built to the quality standards you've come to expect from Dannmar.

 Ramp Side View Commander 7000 4-Post Car Lift

Aircraft-Quality Heavy-Duty Steel Cables
These heavy-duty cables are made to carry the weight of the entire lift, and the load it carries. This is not your typical tire-swing rope.

 Heavy Duty Aircraft-Quality Cables Commander 7000 4-Post Car Lift

Heavy Duty Visible Locking System
Built to outlast the lift itself, the dual-locking system, visible from the outside, is just another step in lifting safety. Each notch combinatively is designed to carry far past the rated load capacity.

 Airline Cables and Sheaves Commander 7000 4-Post Car Lift

Cable Connector
This assembly attaches the cable to the top plate of the post. This anchors the plate to the top of the post, with the cable, all protected by thick steel. Tieing the whole lift together, we're proud to say this, among everything else in the lift, was paid careful attention to detail.

 Heavy Duty Locking Mechanism With Aircraft Cable Commander 7000 4-Post Car Lift

EZ-Slide™ Jack Platform
This optional 3,500-lb. capacity sliding jack platform is perfect for elevating your vehicle off the runways for easy brake and wheel service capability. The EZ-slide™ design allows the jack platform to be positioned anywhere under the vehicle. Bottle jacks not included.

 Top Post Assmebly Commander 7000 4-Post Car Lift

Solid Deck
This optional two-piece, full-length middle deck platform fits all Commander Series lifts providing additional storage space. Lightweight aluminum construction makes removal and installation easy.

 Safety-Locks-Heavy-Duty Commander 7000 4-Post Car Lift

Aluminum Ramps
These optional low-profile lightweight aluminum ramps feature quick-mount brackets to make ramp removal and installation a cinch. Features an attractive diamond-plate finish that provides a non-slip surface. 16-lbs. each.

 Tire Stops Side View Commander 7000 4-Post Car Lift

Caster Kit
Make your Dannmar Commander lifts mobile with this optional four-post lift caster kit. These sturdy built steel units with 6 in. polyurethane casters allow you to move it, store it, or take it outside; make your Commander more versatile with caster kits from Dannmar.

 Tire Stops Side View Commander 7000 4-Post Car Lift

Drip Trays 
These optional, affordable, impact-resistant polypropylene drip trays are sold in packs of three. Each tray comes with 56 articulated catches and gutters to restrain fluid within individual compartments.

 Tire Stops Side View Commander 7000 4-Post Car Lift


  • Caster Kit - $397
  • Jack Platform 
  • Plastic Drip tray- Free With Purchase 
  • Aluminum (Lightweight) Drive Up Ramps - $400
  • Aluminum Deck (Fills the Center of the lift) - $716
  • Cycle Vise (Motorcycle Adaptor attaches to Runway) - $225



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