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20' Frame Machine and Allvis Light Measuring System Combo - Free Shipping

20' Frame Machine and Allvis Light Measuring System Combo - Free Shipping

$ 15,999.00


*$1200 Service Charge to Pacific/Mountain U.S. Time Zones

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Product Details

The FR-77-20-T tilt bed frame rack is a high quality, durable frame straightening machine designed to accommodate full-frame or uni-body vehicle with 7,7000 lb. lighting capacity. The two 10-ton "clear floor" pulling towers with 360 degree pulling capability and almost unlimited height and angle adjustment. The machine deck offers multiple precision cut tie-down/down pull locations with a universal anchoring system with adjustable height clamping assemblies. The FR-77-20-T also comes standard with a pulling chain on each tower, roof/up pull attachment, universal wheel stands & dead car dollies.

  • Tilt Bed Tube Design
  • Clear Floor
  • 360 degree pulling capability with universal anchoring.
  • Designed to repair full-frame or uni-body vehicles
  • Hydraulic tilt bed with 7,7000 lb. lifting capacity
  • Durable, heavy-duty constructions with powder coat finish
  • Universal anchoring system with adjustable height pinchweld assemblies
  • Clear Floor, 360 degree pulling capability
  • Multiple tie-down/down pull locations
  • 2 10-ton 360 degree round pulling towers
  • Adjustable tower collars-adjust pulling height/angle by a fraction on an inch.
  • Quick disconnect hydraulic fitting & hose connection
  • Drive-on ramps
  • (1) 20'  frame machine bed - tube design
  • (4) Pinchweld assemblies with clamps
  • (2) 360 degree "clear floor" pulling towers w/10 ton hydraulics
  • (2) Air/Hydraulic pumps with pressure gauge
  • (3) 10 ton hydraulic rams
  • (2) Pull chains with hooks
  • (2) Wheel stands
  • (2) Dead car dolly
  • (1) Roof/up pull attachment

ALLVIS Light Measuring System 



  • Fast set-up
  • Simple, quick, Tech friendly
  • Print measured values and save work-orders to your computer.
  • Great for estimating and repair
  • Continuous update of new models in the database.
  • Use on the rack, bench, floor system or lift.
  • Measurement reports are easy to understand
  • The program does not require Internet access, the database is stored locally on your computer
  • Unique and patented magnetic attachment allows measurements to be carried out by a single tech

The Allvis Light Measuring System provides fast, simple, tech friendly, length and width measuring with  height comparison, print out and the capability save work-orders as e-files all at a very affordable price. Allvis Light can take two comparative length, width and height measurements during the initial estimating process, normally in less than two minuets, to help determine if frame damage is present.  

Allvis Light makes it possible to provide insurance companies and customers documentation of measured values before and after the repair.

Allvis Measuring Systems are complete with measuring adapters, height rods and accessories, delivered in a heavy duty storage case.

Allvis Light Software, 1 year vehicle database subscription and instruction manuals are included.

Measuring range
Allvis Light M2P Magnet to point
Setup for measuring the chassis (900mm - 2665mm).
Allvis Light P2P Point to point
Setup primarily used to measure the upper body. ex. "Under hood measurement" (400mm - 2150mm).
Allvis Light Height Height
Range of height adapter (20mm - 450mm).
Allvis Light spirit level Spirit level
The spirit level's displacement when the measuring tool is extracted to 1000mm (0.4mm / 1000mm).

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